How Easy is it To Use WordPress?

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WordPress is the easiest way to create and maintain your website. One of the main reasons behind this is the fact that it has more than 100,000 plugins. WordPress itself is very easy to use, and you will notice this once you log in to your account the very first time. Though there are so many things you should do in order to be a WordPress expert, you can start simple. If you have the question How Easy it is to Use WordPress, then this article should give you the answer.

WordPress is basically a community. This means that everyone who is interested in developing software that powers WordPress is welcomed. Most developers also get donations from satisfied users, and they have become really rich. Some startups are also totally committed to their plugins and they have completely dedicated their work to WordPress.

The first thing that people will look for in creating a website is to find a proper theme. Before WordPress, the entire appearance of the website was designed using html codes. But now, it is very easy. You just need to download a theme and install it. WordPress itself offers a lot of themes to choose from, but you can either buy or download WordPress themes for free. There are also small businesses which develop custom WordPress themes according to your requirements.

Writing a post or a page in WordPress is as easy as creating a Word document. In all ways, I would even say that it is completely the same. Posting an article is as simple as posting a status on Facebook, and the best part is, you can edit it whenever you want. Plugins add more extraordinary features. There are plugins for sending bulk mail, linking social accounts, security, and a lot more. Plugins make work much easier if the user knows which ones to use.

WordPress gives you everything, right from statistics to live traffic feed, and even protects your website from viruses. Most of the standard keyboard shortcuts work perfectly on WordPress and you can do magic with the click of a mouse button. There are also numerous customizable options, and these make your website stand out from the others, even if there is a common theme.

How To Create A BEAUTIFUL Website with WordPress

WordPress is compatible with many search engines and it also has many Google plugins. There is also an official Google AdSense plugin that helps you post ads on the website and earn revenue, if you are a publisher. There are plugins that help index the websites on other search engines easily and flawlessly.

To put it in a nutshell, the best answer to the question of how easy it is to use WordPress is very simple. It is as easy as an adult taking a kindergarten course. WordPress has its own intuitive design and a completely customizable dashboard that keeps you informed of important detail. The only way to realize the lucidness of WordPress is to create your own free account and make a test website.