Best 10 SEO tips for ranking on Google.

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Google? We all know what Google is and how powerful it is as a search engine. There are numerous search engines available but Google bested them when it comes to popularity. This means that if you are aiming for your website to be a success, you need to exert SEO campaign at Google. How exactly are you going to do that? Well, here are 10 (ten) tips for you.

  1. Concentrate on your article titles

This is one of the simplest tips but most of us forget how important it is to follow. Search engine spiders/bots initially reads the first few lines of the web page to determine the topic of the content. It means that you have to also optimize your title tag.

The title tag is the blue link that appears in the results of search engine when people search for a particular keyword. Your title tag is your post title. To optimize a title tag, you should include main keywords in your title but do not over do it and avoid repetitions. Look for the best keyword for your article and create a meaningful one sentence title for your article. It will make it easier for a search engine to match or find your website thru the keyword you put in your title.


  1. Include informative pictures/videos in the content.

Not all of us love reading black and white, dull piece of writing, right? Pictures and videos not only add color to your page but also serve as illustration for your article. They make your articles more readable and appealing to the audience. Search engines do not read the pictures and videos but the caption the goes with them so make sure you include the right keywords in the caption. Also, another feature of Google is the “Images” tab in the search engine which enables the graphics form your website to be seen in the search engine results.


  1. Make sure that content is not time sensitive

Content is very valuable in a website. That is why you have to ensure that is has good quality and not time sensitive. If you want to boost SEO, you should have a website with contents that won’t go out of date for a few weeks or months. In that way, you do not have to remove your content because it is still useful now and in the near future. It saves you the time from replacing content over and over again and you can simply put additional details to it. People love to read articles that can help them In the future so having this kind of content will attract customers to visit your website.


  1. Give your customers the information they need.

Imagine yourself as the client. What will you search for? What keywords will you put in search engines? Once you identify the keywords, check how popular these words are using an SEO keyword tool, Google has one. Then, write a meaningful and useful article about the words and voila! You have just increased your SEO potential! Keep your customers satisfied with what you offer them!


  1. Links, Links, More Links!

Google loves links but do not overdo it or else your site will be blacklisted! Create guest blog posts but make sure they are all relevant to the subject of your website. Also, you should put in mind that links should be genuine and are to or from authoritative websites. Overdoing links may lead to ruining your SEO optimization and later, destroy everything you have done.  This is one of the main tactics features behind one of the best Tampa SEO company


  1. Flash-based Website? No! No!

Yes, flash-based website can look so lovely and stylish (a little expensive, also) but you compromise your SEO efforts by having them. Flash-based websites do not work well with Google. It is easier to switch on other platforms than to try sophisticated ways for Google to notice your flash website.


  1. Search Engine Friendly URL’s

If you put keywords in your URL, Google tends to read them in the granular level which means that it can affect the ranking of your website in search engine results. Since you use a clean URL with appropriate keywords, it is easier for Google to find and locate your site. Keywords in the URL outrank the keywords that can be found in the content or title. Example of clean URL is


  1. Google Webmaster Guidelines

You are targeting Google here so it may be really relevant to know the guidelines. If you are a starter, you can search for Google Webmaster Guidelines. Read and analyze what it says. Also, check in the updates. Google is too smart so they have updates every now and then.


  1. Keep it simple and real.

Do not be silly. You may think that the best way to the top is to stuff your website with keywords and links. Google already knows what you are up to. Simplicity is the key to success in SEO. Do not cheat or go over the line. Focus on diversity of links and keywords so that it will yield to high scoring.


  1. Avoid Spamming!

You do not want your efforts to be put to waste, do you? Avoid spamming. Google detects the activity of your website. Not only that but also if links are genuine or related to your website. Google classifies your website so do not confuse it by stuffing it with so many links. Go for the natural links. It is more safe in the long run and lessens the percentage of your website to be “devalued” or to be rated as “not significant”.

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How Easy is it To Use WordPress?

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WordPress is the easiest way to create and maintain your website. One of the main reasons behind this is the fact that it has more than 100,000 plugins. WordPress itself is very easy to use, and you will notice this once you log in to your account the very first time. Though there are so many things you should do in order to be a WordPress expert, you can start simple. If you have the question How Easy it is to Use WordPress, then this article should give you the answer.

WordPress is basically a community. This means that everyone who is interested in developing software that powers WordPress is welcomed. Most developers also get donations from satisfied users, and they have become really rich. Some startups are also totally committed to their plugins and they have completely dedicated their work to WordPress.

The first thing that people will look for in creating a website is to find a proper theme. Before WordPress, the entire appearance of the website was designed using html codes. But now, it is very easy. You just need to download a theme and install it. WordPress itself offers a lot of themes to choose from, but you can either buy or download WordPress themes for free. There are also small businesses which develop custom WordPress themes according to your requirements.

Writing a post or a page in WordPress is as easy as creating a Word document. In all ways, I would even say that it is completely the same. Posting an article is as simple as posting a status on Facebook, and the best part is, you can edit it whenever you want. Plugins add more extraordinary features. There are plugins for sending bulk mail, linking social accounts, security, and a lot more. Plugins make work much easier if the user knows which ones to use.

WordPress gives you everything, right from statistics to live traffic feed, and even protects your website from viruses. Most of the standard keyboard shortcuts work perfectly on WordPress and you can do magic with the click of a mouse button. There are also numerous customizable options, and these make your website stand out from the others, even if there is a common theme.

How To Create A BEAUTIFUL Website with WordPress

WordPress is compatible with many search engines and it also has many Google plugins. There is also an official Google AdSense plugin that helps you post ads on the website and earn revenue, if you are a publisher. There are plugins that help index the websites on other search engines easily and flawlessly.

To put it in a nutshell, the best answer to the question of how easy it is to use WordPress is very simple. It is as easy as an adult taking a kindergarten course. WordPress has its own intuitive design and a completely customizable dashboard that keeps you informed of important detail. The only way to realize the lucidness of WordPress is to create your own free account and make a test website.